List Management

Monetize your data assets and increase revenue.

Our knowledgeable list management staff are ready to create a comprehensive list management plan which achieves achieve responsible, sustainable growth and protection for your brand.  Whether your data is consumer, business, institutional or internationally focused, we have the expertise to generate results.

We create diversified revenue streams which extend the reach of your data assets to both core and non-endemic marketers.  Income generating opportunities can include postal and email list rental, digital/social media targeting, public and private database placements and non-competitive data licensing opportunities.

Response Solutions takes an exhaustive, in-depth approach to marketing your data assets including:

  • A competitive list category analysis to determine best fit for your audiences
  • An advertiser category analysis to identify core and non-endemic revenue opportunities
  • A Data quality review coupled with our data processing and hygiene services to ensure your database is market-ready for advertisers
  • Data enhancement services to add additional attributes to your data, making it more selectable and therefore more attractive to a broader range of advertisers.
  • Segmentation expertise to create unique sub-populations from your core audiences
  • Our list delivery technology platform to ensure quick count and order turnaround
  • In-house email deployment to manage email broadcasts, ensure in-boxing and provide detailed back-end reporting
  • Our initial launch and proactive sales outreach plan to widely promote your data to advertisers and list brokers
  • Predictive analytics utilizing our “Machine Learning” algorithms which outperform traditional regression models by 30% or more

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Jen O’brien
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