Analytics & Strategic Consulting

The best results in analytics are achieved when one couples cutting edge technology with superior data strategies.

Our analytic solutions don’t just identify your best prospects; they identify the right prospects.  The prospects who will spend the most, stay with you the longest and have a meaningful impact on your organization’s bottom line.

Our Machine Learning Algorithms coupled with our RM2S Strategic Planning Process are the foundation of our groundbreaking analytics solutions which enable us to produce superior results for our clients.

The areas we impact are manifold:  increased response rates, higher average spend/average gift, greater lifetime values, decreased churn and lower costs across the board.  The result?  A scientifically reformulated approach to customer acquisition that positively impacts your top and bottom lines in meaningful and measurable fashion.

Analytic Services include:

  • Historical Discovery, Market Penetration, Segmentation Analysis and Data Road-Mapping
  • Machine Learning (ML) Algorithms to optimize acquisition campaigns
  • ML Churn Algorithms to identify potential defectors/cancellations
  • ML Reactivation Algorithms to optimize reactivation efforts for lapsed customers
  • Matchback Analysis & Algorithm refinement
  • Customer Profile Analysis to deliver customer insights
  • Data Enhancement, Fill-ins, Verification and Segmentation to refine house file marketing

Machine Learning – a new era in marketing analytics

Marketers and fundraisers must continually improve their campaign performance, converting more prospects into customers or donors, while maximizing the value of their marketing investments. For most, the traditional methods of routine segmentation and regression modeling have been tapped out.

It’s time for the next step, and it’s a big one.

Welcome to Machine Learning

We utilize a proprietary Machine Learning (ML) platform and a team of Data Scientists to develop our analytic modeling solutions. As opposed to traditionally built regression models, the platform develops highly complex data algorithms which are essentially hundreds of micro-segment models built simultaneously. It then selects “the best of the best” records via the algorithm.

This approach allows us to identify segments of customers and prospects that aren’t typically found via traditional model building techniques. Simply put, machine learning is unconstrained by the limitations of scale and complexity found in traditional statistical analysis.

Our platform is based on Support Vector Machines which develop Discriminative Classifier Algorithms.  Classification is the process of grouping newly introduced data points into sub-populations based on the analysis of the training data set (the customer file).  Classifiers are ideal for pattern recognition when analyzing high volume data with significant numbers of attributes available for analysis.  The machines “see” and analyze data in multi-dimensional space.  They are able to analyze thousands of data points in parallel to identify trends and clusters within the data.  Their higher-level analysis and parallel processing power overcome the limitations of scale and refinement inherent in traditional model building.

Perhaps best of all, when exposed to subsequent campaign results the algorithms modify themselves and get stronger over time, which helps to identify new sub-populations of high value prospects as well as overcome list fatigue.

The results are significant.  Clients who haven’t previously utilized analytics for prospect selection see response rate increases of 50%-200%.  Clients who have been utilizing analytics (profile, penetration and/or regression analysis) see response rate improvement of 20%-40%.

RM2S (Road Map 2 Success) Strategic Planning Process

Acquiring new customers is difficult and expensive.  Today’s marketers need to utilize all of the tools and weapons in the marketing arsenal.
They need partners whose goals, strengths and solutions align with theirs.

Our RM2S (Road Map 2 Success) Strategic Planning & Improvement Process analyzes a client’s direct marketing strategies, tactics and results, then provides well-informed improvement recommendations with concrete tactical plans to significantly improve results.  The heart of our process, where the rubber meets the road, lies in developing a detailed, granular-level understanding of your best customers.  Then we create the road map that will allow you to cost-effectively acquire more of them.

How it works:

Discovery: We conduct a thorough review of your historical performance including a competitive review, best customer analysis, campaign history, channel performance and KPIs.  Also included in the process is a full data audit which assesses the quality and utility of your data assets.

Data Road Map: Utilizing the information gleaned during Discovery, we create a Data Road Map which identifies the data sets to be utilized in our Machine Learning algorithm build.  The data sets are aggregated into a highly customized, proprietary marketing database of high value prospects with maximum fill rates of the demographic attributes that are key drivers for your customer base.

Machine Learning Algorithm build: Using your customer records and enhancements from our comprehensive B2C and B2B data sets, we build a powerful Machine Learning Algorithm which identifies the highest value prospects for your business.

Financial forecasting: Once prospect records within the private marketing database are scored and ranked via the algorithm, we create financial projections and break-even analysis based on your estimated response rates and in-the-mail costs.

Implementation/Execution: We then create an iterative testing plan, allowing us to move forward in a stepwise fashion and validate actual campaign performance against projections.  Once performance expectations are met or exceeded, full roll-out of the campaigns commence.

Tracking and Reporting: Tracking and back-end reporting are accomplished every step of the way.  Each campaign is thoroughly analyzed via detailed reports that show campaign performance versus projections along with forward looking financial estimates to help you manage your marketing budget.

Continuous Refinement: The results from every campaign are fed back into our Machine Learning platform which allows the algorithm to get stronger over time. Data attributes and sourcing are closely monitored to ensure the private database is fully optimized and providing the greatest returns on investment.

The RM2S process identifies campaign improvement strategies for all clients, at any level of sophistication on the direct marketing continuum.  It provides a well-informed, strategic plan with specific goals and timelines along with a step-by-step, tactical execution plan to improve results.

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