Lead Generation

With traditional advertising, return on your investment is never a sure thing. If your campaign falls flat, it’s just wasted money.

Our advertiser-friendly performance based solutions transfer the risk from you to us, giving you a no-risk, all-reward opportunity to put your offer in front of the right prospects. You pay based on results, such as obtaining an acceptable cost per click, getting a prospect to complete a web registration form, download a white paper or buy your product or service.

Performance Based Marketing Formats

Co-Registration (Coreg):  Coreg is a process of collecting leads by co-advertising with our advertising partners who are collecting opt-in sign-ups and subscribers as part of their own lead generation efforts.  It is different from banners, email, search or sponsorship because your offer appears on the partner websites the moment a prospect has completed an online registration form for their offer.

Once the prospect hits submit, your ad is shown and they are given the choice to register for your offer, as well.  Our platform allows us to customize your landing page, allowing you to ask qualifying questions during the sign-up process to further enhance the quality of your leads.

Coreg is easy to implement.  Response Solutions will determine the partners within our network that share customers in your niche market.  We’ll work with you to determine an acceptable cost-per-lead, desired lead quantity and time frame.  We will then help you craft a compelling and effective offer and design a customized landing page along with qualifying questions to be asked during the sign-up process.  Once all the pieces are in place and thoroughly tested, the program is implemented and leads are forwarded to you in real time!

CPC/CPL Omni Channel Lead Generation: 
We obtain the right customers at the right cost and keep them coming back to you for more.  From DTC consumable and replenishment programs to financial services, publishing, B2B and ecommerce companies, our lead generation services deliver high value prospects and customers for your business.

We harness the power of media channels to reach, identify and convert your prospects to customers at or below your allowable cost-per-order or established cost-of-acquisition. And we can offer performance- based solutions where you only pay for results delivered.

Our services include:

  • Omni Channel Marketing Solutions – Postal, Email, Display, Mobile, Social Media, etc.
  • Campaign Strategy and Planning
  • Creative Development
  • Market Testing & Optimization
  • Media planning and placement
  • Ad network and pay for performance management
  • Reporting and Analysis

Additionally, we offer a one-stop solution for consumer buying club and replenishment programs which includes online order screening & hosting, ecommerce services, inventory management/warehousing and order fulfillment.

From a wide net to a laser focus, we provide an ROI-based media approach to best meet your selling challenge, your allowable cost-per-order and your overall budget. From performance based, pay-only-for-results distribution to highly targeted and effective media buys, we’ll recommend, test, and scale the channels that deliver the most profitable results.

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