Digital Solutions

Our Digital services focus on well informed one-to-one targeting techniques.

Our services can be used individually on a stand-alone basis but perform best when coupled with additional touchpoints for true omnichannel marketing.  This combination leverages robust offline targeting capabilities, including Machine Learning Algorithms, and marries them with online marketing channels to extend campaign reach and maximize conversions.

Display Advertising
Display advertising is most effective when we first analyze the offline and online behavior of your best customers.  Based on this analysis, we identify your targets online from over a billion digital profiles to deliver more effective display ads.We then utilize robust customer intent data to optimize the timing of the ads to ensure you’re reaching the prospect when they’re ‘in the market’ for your products or services.  This data is also analyzed using powerful machine learning algorithms to identify potential customers who are most likely to respond to your offer. The algorithm constantly recalibrates and over time becomes increasingly more precise.  Use display advertising along with retargeting for best overall results.

Website Display Retargeting
Website display retargeting is an effective conversion optimization technique which works best when it is part of a larger omnichannel marketing effort.  Display retargeting is the practice of serving ads to people who visit your website after they leave. These ads appear on a variety of other sites around the web, keeping your brand in front of your prior website visitors in an attempt to bring them back to your site. Display retargeting uses cookies to stay in front of previous site visitors.  Upon visiting your website, an anonymous cookie is placed on the visitor’s device.  The cookie allows the retargeting technology to know when the visitor appears on another site and your display ad is shown to them, allowing you to follow your audience over the web during their browsing sessions after they’ve left your site.

Email Retargeting
Email retargeting supplements an email marketing campaign with display advertising.  Email Retargeting extends your reach by sending relevant display ads to email recipients right after they’ve interacted with your email message. Email retargeting works the same way as website display retargeting, but allows you to target email subscribers rather than website visitors.  You place a line of code in your email and anyone who opens your email will be served ads all over the web, allowing you to keep your brand and your offer in front of prospects without sending more emails.

Digital Listening
Listen in, monitor and target prospects in real time, any time.  Reach prospects at the exact moment they are ready to buy your products or services with our new Digital Listening service.  New technologies allow us to “listen in” on what customers are looking for in real time.Based on keywords you provide, we are able to create targeted email campaigns by matching specific products and service interests to prospects in real time. With Response Solutions’ Digital Listening, clients have seen 30%+ increases in sales thanks to improved keyword value interest, market specific e-mail listening features, real-time email retargeting, and other mobile specific features. You receive full campaign reporting for each email transmission including: emails delivered, open rates, clicks, unsubscribes and engagement by: keyword, email client, device type, etc.

Omnichannel Website Retargeting
Looking to get the most performance from your website traffic?  Multi-channel website retargeting is a new, powerful targeting technology that significantly increases website visitor conversions.   Reach out to the 98% of website visitors who leave your site without identifying themselves! Omnichannel remarketing allows targeting of anonymous website visitors via direct mail, email and/or social media and is based on the same website visitor browsing behavior that drives display ad retargeting.  Utilizing a privacy compliant, proprietary ID Mapping technology, we help you leverage your existing web traffic for greater results and conversions. Now, marketers can reach anonymous website visitors through direct mail, email and/or social media with personalized, timely one-to-one communications in real time.

Omnichannel Acquisition Engagement Campaigns
To gain the most benefit, leverage the full combination of our online and offline targeting solutions:  Postal, email, display, digital listening and retargeting in all its forms.  Use email for pre-engagement; utilize postal + email + digital listening for engagement; finally, extend campaign reach with digital listening + email/website/display retargeting.

Optimized from beginning to end with “Machine Learning” and our “RM2S campaign improvement process”, we have the one-to-one omnichannel targeting capabilities you need to strengthen prospect engagement and significantly increase conversions.

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