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Wine Savours

WINE SAVOURS provides a list of those discerning individuals who have a passion for wine. Whether an experienced connoisseur or a novice, a sommelier or an oenophile, this select group enjoys everything about wine... from wine tasting and wine reviews to wine collecting and even wine making.


16,984,234 Total Universe / Universe Rate $95.00/M


WINE SAVOURS provides a list of those discerning individuals who have a passion for wine.  Whether an experienced connoisseur or a novice, a sommelier or an oenophile, this select group enjoys everything about wine...from wine tasting and wine reviews to wine collecting and even wine making.

With an average income of more than $60,000, these affluent consumers have the discretionary income that allows them to enjoy the good life and the luxuries that accompany it.  They tend to show an interest in gourmet food and fine dining; they attend the theater; and they travel frequently...often to exotic destinations.  These sophisticated individuals also show an appreciation for art and antiques and frequently attend cultural events.

Median age 49
67% Married

Lifestyle:  Fine Foods/Dining, Travel, Cultural & Art Events, Dieting Weight/Health/Natural Foods

100% Home address

Cancelled orders are subject to a $50/F cancellation fee plus any applicable production charges.

Updated monthly.


  • Lifestyle   ($15.00/M)
    Fine Foods/Dining
    Cultural & Art Events
    Dieting Weight/Health/Natural Foods





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