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Technophile Professionals Masterfile

Technophile Professionals Masterfile enables marketers to target technology executives and professionals who work in organizations ranging from small, upstart technology firms to established Fortune 500 corporations.


527,621 Total Universe / Universe Rate $265.00/M


Technophile Professionals Masterfile enables marketers to target technology executives and professionals who work in organizations ranging from small, upstart technology firms to established Fortune 500 corporations.  From performing management functions to developing new products and IT strategies, these professionals are the movers and shakers in developing the latest innovations in technology products and services.  They purchase products including computers, software, electrical components, and much more.


This masterfile is comprised of professionals who have the authority to specify, recommend and/or purchase products for their organization.  They work in top management, R&D, design, development, manufacturing, and marketing and sales functions within their companies.  They are tech savvy individuals who design complex network systems for corporate workstations, develop and install security measures to keep computers free of viruses and spyware, oversee call centers, develop wireless communications, integrate software programs, design interactive web applications and develop adequate hardware and online storage for corporate data.  Marketers can reach technical experts in segments such as cloud computing, CRM Systems, Windows Application, Web Management, Communications Services, Mobile Computing, and Security Systems.


o  Job Title include:  CEO, CIO, IT Director, Project Manager, Applications Manager, Database Administrator, Computer Programmer, Systems Engineer, Network   Administrator,  Cyber Security Analyst, and Software Developer

o  Engaged in organizations with sales volumes of under $1 million to over $1 billion.

o  Work in industries including computer services, education, government, finance, insurance, and manufacturing

o  According to the Cyberstates 2015 Report - U.S. technology firms employed 6.5 million tech professionals


The Technophile Professionals are seeking content for their core role of responsibility and are adept at identifying technology research trends and buyer behaviors to accelerate the sales pipeline and increase revenues.  They purchase products including computers, security and antivirus software, diagnostic tools, servers, PCs, external hard drives, backup devices, data storage, workstations, touch screen displays, robotics, applications software, firewalls, modems, wireless components, LANS, WANS, video cards, cables, fiber optics, and routers.


Technology professionals and purchasers are open to marketing offers from continuing education providers, financial institutions, retailers, wholesalers, industry publications, office supply providers, credit card issuers, technology product providers, computer hardware and software suppliers, electronic component providers, and other relevant offers specific to the technology market.




  • Interest   (35.00/M)
    Cloud Computing 		
    CRM Systems 		
    Windows Applications 		
    Web Management 		
    Data Systems Management 		
    Lotus Domino Software 		
    Enterprise Operation, Service & Software 		
    Server Message Block (SMB) Application 		
    Communications Services 		
    Language Programming 		
    Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) 		
    Security Systems 		
    Mobile Computing 		
    Networking Channel 		
    HP Tech Products 		
    Channel Partners	  





Title $25.00/M
Industry $25.00/M
Interest $35.00/M
State/SCF/Zip $15.00/M
Phones $65.00/M


Key Coding $5.00/M