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Technophile Enterprise Operation, Server and Software Content User

The Technophile Operation, Server and Software Content user list enables marketers to target technology executives and professionals engaged in managing all resources, information, and functions of a business.


297,189 Total Universe / Universe Rate $285.00/M


The Technophile Operation, Server and Software Content Users enables marketers to target technology executives and professionals engaged in managing all resources, information, and functions of a business.  They are subscribers of industry magazines, webinars, white papers, and newsletters that help them stay abreast of the ever-changing technology industry.  From designing computer network systems to installing organizational software, these professionals need state-of-the-art enterprise technology products to increase productivity and streamline business operations.  They purchase products ranging from computers to data warehousing.


Professionals in this list research and purchase technology products, servers and software applications ot improve all areas of an enterprise including finance, manufacturing, human resources, sales and marketing, customer service, and more.  They design, install, upgrade, monitor and troubleshoot technology systems that allow enterpises to generate business reports, streamline costs, manage human capital, make sales projections, generate leads, manage data content, determine budgets, calculate inventory, and determine payroll.  These professionals are the backbone of organizations when it comes to ensuring all departments have the latest innovations in computer technology and software applications.


o Job Titles include:  CIO, COO, IT Director, Systems Integrator, Database Administrator, Data Architect, Computer Programmer, Systems Analyst, Information Security Administrator, Network Engineer, and Software Developer

o Work in small upstart businesses and Fortune 500 corporations with technology budgets ranging from several thousand to several million dollars

o Work in industries including computer services, datacenters, healthcare, education, government, finance, insurance, retail, and transportation

o Highly interested in Enterprise Desktop, Enterprise Linux, Oracle, SAP, Server Virtualition, and Manufacturing ERP


Enterprise Operation Content Users are technology professionals seeking information on Enterprise Operation and need quality products to be proficient in their job duties.  They purchase computers, SQL servers, security and storage applications, diagnostic tools, servers, PCs, computer peripherals, external hard drives, backup devices, touch screen displays, firewalls, modems, wireless components, LANS, WANS, and video cards as well as office supplies, business wear and mobile devices.


These technology professionals are open to marketing offers from continuing education providers, financial institutions, retailers, wholesalers, industry publications, office supply providers, credit card issuers, technology product providers, third-party cloud computing providers, computer hardware and software suppliers, electronic component providers, and other relevant offers specific to the technology market.




  • Interest   
    Enterprise Desktop 	202,708 	
    Enterprise Linux 	153,593 	
    Enterprise Servers 	18,502 	
    Oracle 	283,901 	
    SAP 	297,189 	
    Server Virtualization 	89,212 	
    Manufacturing ERP 	51,636  





Title $25.00/M
Industry $25.00/M
State/SCF/Zip $15.00/M
Interest NO CHARGE
Phones $65.00/M


Key Coding $5.00/M
Email $100.00/F
Run Charges $10.00/M