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Social Studies Teachers From Education Solutions enables you to reach certified teachers whose education focused primarily on the areas of AP US history, US history.


95,333 Total Universe / Universe Rate $275.00/M
95,333 Email Addresses $275.00/M


Social Studies Teachers from Education Solutions enables you to reach certified teachers whose education focused primarily on the areas of AP US history, US history, AP European history, European history, state and local history, AP world history, world history, AP government/political science, AP macro-economics, macro-economics, AP micro- economics, micro-economics, AP psychology, psychology, civics/government, current events, economics, ethic studies, geography, law, philosophy, psychology, religion, sociology and anthropology.

Considered good credit risks, these well- educated professionals are stably employed with great benefits and are often from a two- income household.  Eager to improve their skills and further their education, they frequently enroll in career advancement seminars, graduate education courses, and professional development workshops and seminars. To stay current in their field, they purchase business publications and subscriptions, as well as other products and services related to education and child development.

As educators, these professionals are always looking for ways to improve the quality of the education system and their own classroom environment. These teachers are frequent consumers of instructional materials, including textbooks, software, teaching products and classroom supplies. They are regular Internet users and utilize the web for lesson plans and teaching aids, as well as to research and purchase educational tools.

Professionals in the education field tend to have longer vacation periods, enabling them to take vacations, travel and spend quality time with their families. They also have time for leisure activities and look to purchase books, magazines, movies and music. Summer vacations allow them the opportunity to garden and enjoy other home improvement and outdoor activities.  Many are donors to children's causes and have home offices.

Reach these educators either at school or home address.

Average age 45
Highest Degree Earned- 50% Masters
49% Bachelors

Each record is telephone verified annually.



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    AP US History	995
    AP European History	120
    AP Government/Political	513
    Science AP Macro-Economics	187
    AP Micro-Economics	45
    AP Psychology	177
    AP World History	790
    Civics/Government	5,770
    Current Events	282
    Economics	3,010
    Ethnic Studies	353
    Geography	8,674
    History	5,996
    Law	391
    Philosophy	75
    Psychology	1,945
    Religion	1,242
    Social Studies Dept Chair	4,352
    Social Studies Teachers	81,110
    Sociology/Anthropology	1,467
    State/Local History	905
    US History	8,637
    World History	8,217





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