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Physical Therapist Trends

Physical Therapist trends targets medical professionals who assist patients in recovering their range of motion, strength, and endurance.


149,110 Total Universe / Universe Rate $110.00/M
Email Addresses $275.00/M


Physical Therapist trends targets medical professionals who assist patients in recovering their range of motion, strength, and endurance.   


This group allows you to target intelligent, ambitious, well-educated healthcare professionals.  All in this target have a bachelor’s degree, and depending on the physical therapy program, they earn a master’s or doctorate degree.   Continuing education is essential to keep up with therapeutic advances and license requirements.  They attend classes, workshops, conventions, and seminars, and  read journals, articles, magazines, and publication to stay current in their field. 


Physical therapists treat patients of all ages who have physical limitations and disabilities due to an accident, injury, birth defect, amputation, sprain or strain, fracture, arthritis, burn, stroke, heart attack, multiple sclerosis, spina bifida, cerebral palsy.  Some patients are recovering from surgery, such as hip or knee replacements or surgeries requiring an extended period of bed rest.  PTs teach exercises and physical activities that will condition the affected muscles and restore strength and movement.  They can be employed in hospitals, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, private residences, rehabilitation centers, or sports training facilities.  They work closely with doctors, physical therapy assistants, pharmacists, nurses, and teachers to ensure the patient is receiving total care.  Equipment needed to perform their duties include balance beams, exercise mats, bands, and balls, parallel bars, stairs, ramps, small weights and dumbbells, shoulder pulleys. 


These consumers are mid-level wage earners.  Many in this group are married or live with a partner; some have children.  They typically hold a mortgage.  They are internet savvy and enjoy electronics such as laptops, notebooks, smart phones, iPads, iTouch, ipods, and Blackberries.  Many have an auto loan or car payment and trade in their vehicle every five to six years.  These consumers take 1 – 2 vacations per year and carry balances on their credit cards.  Professional and social networking are accomplished through social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook.  They utilize on-line banking and bill paying.  They search the web to find information on parenting, homework help, and vacation destinations. 


This group is concerned about their physical fitness.  They strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating right, exercising, and taking vitamin supplements.  They may have a gym membership, run, or bike.  They may take martial arts, yoga, spin, Zumba or other exercise classes. 


 This list is ideal for any medical related publication, catalog, continuing education, or seminar offer





Bus/Industry Type $10.00/M
Geo/Geographical $10.00/M
Job Function/Title $10.00/M
Level of Education $20.00/M
Number of Employees $10.00/M
Office Manager $15.00/M
Phone Number $30.00/M
Practice Location $15.00/M
Sales Volume $10.00/M
State of License $10.00/M


EMAIL $75.00/F
Suppression $150.00/F
Transmission $150.00/M