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Medical Trends Masterfile

Medical Trends Masterfile targets well-educated, ambitious medical professionals and medical assistants within specific healthcare specialties.


1,311,245 Total Universe / Universe Rate $110.00/M
Phones + $50.00/M


Medical Trends Masterfile targets well-educated, ambitious medical professionals and medical assistants within specific healthcare specialties.

A doctor can work in private practice, hospitals, or nursing homes, and they are assisted by nurses and administrators.  They perscribe medications to their patients, so they work closely with pharmacists and local pharmacies.  These medical professionals require proper tools to care for a patient.  Common tools of the trade are stethoscopes, otoscope, ophthalmoscope, blood pressure devices, thermometers, perscriptions pads, masks, safety goggles, scales, gloves, needles, medications, and medical and office furniture.

Doctors are concerned about their physical fitness.  A doctor typically maintains a healthy lifestyle by eating right, exercising, and taking vitamin supplements.  They may shop at a health food store to ensure they are getting the proper nutrients.  The MD may have a gym membership, run, or bike.  They may take martial arts, yoga, spin, Zumba, or other exercise classes.

Stress levels in the medical profession are often high due to the long hours, irregular and on-call shifts.  These factors may also cause stress for their family.  Consequently, they search for hobbies to help reduce their stress level, and theyt strive to balance work and home demands.  They hire out many of the household chores such as lawn, home, car maintenance, cleaning, banking, grocery shopping, and other personal errands.

Many in this group graduate with high debt load due to student loans, so at the beginning of their career, they may need a budget or money management system.  MDs are a highly compensated group, so as their career progresses, they tend to have discretionary income.  They can then purchase luxury homes, vehicles, vacations, and other recreational vehicles such as RVs, ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and high-end electronics.  They can splurge on boating, theatre, country clubs, restaurants, and golf courses.  They manage their personal financial portfolio and enjoying investing for their future.



  • Specialty   (15.00/M)
    Cardiac Surgeons 	1,551 	
    Cardiology Physicians 	39,852 	
    Child Psychiatrists 	4,112 	
    Dental Assistants 	104,202 	
    Dental Hygienists 	149,521 	
    Emergency Medical Technician 	212,517 	
    Gastroenterologists 	9,374 	
    General Surgeons 	115,621 	
    Geriatric Physicians 	11,442 	
    Gynecologists 	5,112 	
    Hand Surgeons 	1,462 	
    Hematology 	2,170 	
    Infectious Disease Physicians 	6,978 	
    Laboratory Assistants 	2,553 	
    Maxillofacial Surgeons 	1,544 	
    Medical Assistants 	31,112 	
    Medical Device Manufacturers 	39,190 	
    Medical Laboratories 	30,101 	
    Medical Trends Nurse Practitioners 	132,848 	
    Nephrologists from Medical Trends 	7,624 	
    Neurosurgery 	16,850 	
    Oncology Nurses 	15,191 	
    Ophthalmic Assistants 	1,110 	
    Orthopedic Surgery 	19,517 	
    Otolaryngology 	7,484 	
    Physcial Therapist Assistants 	45,523 	
    Physicians Internal 	121,550 	
    Plastic Reconstructive Surgeons 	8,944 	
    Podiatric Assistants 	2,118 	
    Preventive Medicine Specialists 	6,521 	
    Professional Additional Counselors 	23,377 	
    Psychology Technicians 	8,997 	
    Radiation Oncologists 	4,190 	
    School Nurses 	8,167 	
    Sports Medicine Specialists 	7,550 	
    Urologists 	11,546 	
    Vascular and interventional Radiologists 	4,596 	
    Vascular Surgeons 	4,504  





Geo/Geographical $10.00/M
Home Address $10.00/M
Job Function/Title $10.00/M
Level of Education $20.00/M
Practice Location $15.00/M
Sales Volume $10.00/M
State of License $10.00/M
Business Address $10.00/M
Specialty $15.00/M


Key Coding $5.00/M
EMAIL $100.00/F