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HR Talent Management Tools Email List

The HR Talent Management Tools Email list enables marketers to target professionals within small to large organizations who devise and implement strategies and policies relating to employee management and relations.


41,118 Total Universe / Universe Rate $275.00/M
International Rate $325.00/M


The HR Talent Management Tools Email list enables marketers to target professionals within small to large organizations who devise and implement strategies and policies relating to employee management and relations.  They are instrumental in recruiting and hiring top talent, devising employee incentive programs, providing performance reviews, determining pay levels, organizing benefits and insurance packages, and initiating proper training programs that help employees succeed.  They are in need of quality products and services that range from employment applications to computer hardware and employee incentives.


HR Talent Management professionals strive to encourage positive employee relations within their organizations.  They want to see all company team members succeed and provide the necessary tools and resources for their success and wellbeing.  They provide insurance packages offering medical and dental benefits, investment products, and disability insurance.  They devise training programs for newly hired employees as well as programs for coworkers looking to advance their careers within the company.  They boost morale with recognition programs, flex-time offers, and more.  They prepare handbooks outlining expectations for employee conduct, vacation and sick leave policies, holiday schedules, and dispute resolution.  They also ensure the organization is in compliance with federal, state, and local employment laws and regulations.


You will find HR specialists and professionals within all industries including manufacturing, transportation, hospitality, finance, services, and education.  They have a wide range of job titles including:


Human Resources Director

Recruiting Manager

Human Resources Analyst

Hiring Manager

Benefits Coordinator

Employee Relations Manager


Labor Relations Manager


Workers' Compensation Coordinator

Human Capital


Individuals in the HR Talent Management Tools list are receptive to marketing offers that enable them to be productive and effective.  They need quality products that include audio/visual equipment, training development programs, laptops, computers, software, recognition and promotional supplies, mobile devices, PDAs, office supplies, desktop organization supplies, compliance posters, and professional business wear.


This Email list is ideal for marketers offering business publications, human resource products, safety products, motivational products, corporate gifts, corporate insurance, training and development programs, business apparel, office supplies, continuing education, tradeshows and seminars, and employee benefit providers.






Geo/Geographical $10.00/M
Transmission $150.00/M
Industry $10.00/M
Employee Size $10.00/M
Suppression $150.00/F
Title $10.00/M


Key Coding $5.00/M