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Home Design Trends Home Improvement Product Buyers

Home Design Trends Home Improvement Product Buyers reaches consumers who have made at least two online or offline purchases of products to update, renovate, decorate, and build new constructions for their homes and properties.


2,145,117 Total Universe / Universe Rate $95.00/M
1,022,116 6 Month Recency + $10.00/M
214,154 1 Month Recency + $25.00/M
518,915 3 Month Recency + $15.00/M
Email Addresses $175.00/M


Home Design Trends Home Improvement Product Buyers reaches consumers who have made at least two online or offline purchases of products to update, renovate, decorate, and build new constructions for their homes and properties.


These do it yourself consumers purchase hand tools, paint, bathroom accessories, cabinets, lumber, drywall, hardware, lighting fixtures, spackle, electrical equipment, power tools, carpeting, flooring, tile, windows, window treatments, doors, kitchen accessories and appliances, and more for their homes. They are handy people who enjoy remodeling and renovating their homes. Whether it be a small project like painting a bedroom or  a large project like completely remodeling a kitchen or bath, these consumers are always looking for the best products to complete the job. They are interested in learning about improvements of products (such as primer and paint in one!) and also new products on the market to make their jobs easier! They also enjoy taking classes and reading articles or magazines  to learn new techniques and to get new ideas.


Home Improvement Buyers not only enjoy making improvements on their homes, but also enjoy updating their landscaping  with patios, pools, plants, stone walls, outdoor lighting, outdoor seating, barbeques, water fountains, bird baths and more. They have an eye for aesthetics for both exterior landscaping, and interior décor.


They look to online and offline to magazines, blogs, and websites to find ideas, design principals, quick decorating tips, buying guides, decorating styles, and ways to solve their decorating challenges.  Many of these consumers watch home & garden and DIY television shows and also subscribe to home design publications.  


Available Product Selections:

Air Tools
Basement Storage Systems
Bath Fixtures
Black & Decker Tools
Diagnostic Tools
Garage Organizers
Hand Tools
Hand Trucks
Home & Garden Books
Home & Garden Carpentry Supplies
Home & Garden Electrical Supplies
Home & Garden Fixtures / Hardware
Home Care Maintenance 
Home Care Safety
Home Emergency Kits
Home Testing Kits
Household Hardware
Indoor Lighting
Lawn Maintenance Equipment
Masonry Supplies
Material Handling & Lifting Equipment
Outdoor Lighting
Plumbing Supplies
Pool Supplies
Portable Power Tools
Pressure Washers
Security Systems
Shelving Units
Step Stools
Tile Supplies
Tool Sets
Tool Storage
Window Treatments
Workshop Accessories


This list is ideal for any home decor, book, catalog, or publication, as well as credit card, insurance, or DIY offers.




$10+ 5.00/M
$100+ 20.00/M
$25+ 10.00/M
$50+ 15.00/M
Age 8.00/M
Childs Age Range 10.00/M
Credit Card Buyers 10.00/M
Date of Birth 15.00/M
Dollar Amount 10.00/M
Ethnic/Ethnicity 15.00/M
Gender/Sex 5.00/M
Home Owner 10.00/M
Income Select 10.00/M
Lifestyle 15.00/M
Mail Order Buyers 10.00/M
Marital Status 10.00/M
Presence of Child 10.00/M
Product 10.00/M
SCF 10.00/M
State 10.00/M
Suppression 150.00/F
Transmission 75.00/M
Zip 10.00/M


CD ROM $50.00/F
EMAIL $75.00/F