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Executive Directory of Health Practitioners

Executive Directory of Health Practice Administrators targets those that oversee the administration of the office and its employees. These decision-makers work in the health care field, but are generally not involved in direct patient care. They oversee the staff, handle business affairs, and work with the physicians. No matter if the economy is doing well or not, there is an ever-present need for medical office administrators.


363,531 Total Universe / Universe Rate $105.00/M
Email Addresses $275.00/M


Executive Directory of Health Practitioner Offices allows you to target individuals that own, operate, and are employed in health practitioner facilities. These businesses include health offices that focus on speech, nutrition, physical therapy, nursing, and psychology.



The medical professionals in these offices are licensed according to their state regulations and highly educated in their specialty. Health practitioners are educated with 4 year college degrees as well as more than 4 years in medical school and fellowships.


These health practitioners may either work with a hospital, or work independently of a hospital. Many of these establishments do not rely on payments made through insurance companies or government programs like Medicare or Medicaid as their main source of income. These practitioners instead receive income through employee compensation plans and referral services. In this way, health practitioners differ from offices of medical doctors and dentists.


 The professionals in offices of health practitioners are responsible for hiring facility managers to take care of the operations of the building.  They have experience in management and operating small buildings as well as large buildings full of employees.  Owners of health facilities order medical supplies, computers, computer software, lamps, waiting room furniture, children toys, books, health pamphlets for patients, office supplies, cleaning supplies, and special medical machines such as x-ray machine and CAT scan devices. They also subscribe to magazines for their patients to read while waiting for their appointments.


This list is ideal for any medical, office, or cleaning supply offers as well as medical equipment, technology, office furniture, and insurance






Geo/Geographical 10.00/M
Job Function/Title 10.00/M
Max per Company/Sites 10.00/M
Number of Employees 10.00/M
Phone Number 50.00/M
Practice Location 10.00/M
Sales Volume 10.00/M
Specialty 10.00/M


A/B SPLIT 100.00/F
CD ROM 75.00/F
EMAIL 75.00/F
Suppression 150.00/F
Transmission 150.00/M