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Executive Directory Of Business Owners

Executive Directory of Business Owners allows you to target individuals that own a business, corporation or firm. An owner of a business handles planning, bookkeeping, hiring, marketing, payroll and firing. As business grows, an owner learns to delegate these responsibilities, so they may focus on ensuring their company continues to succeed.


6,537,345 Total Universe / Universe Rate $105.00/M
4,585,066 Email Addresses $275.00/M


Executive Directory of Business Owners allows you to target individuals that own a business, corporation or firm. An owner of a business handles planning, bookkeeping, hiring, marketing, payroll and firing. As business grows, an owner learns to delegate these responsibilities, so they may focus on ensuring their company continues to succeed.


An owner must successfully communicate their vision, goals and game plan to their team. They must be able to recognize market fluctuations, remain competitive and prevent the company from becoming irrelevant. A business owner must keep a close eye on the brand and make sure that it continues to head in the right direction. Ultimately, they are responsible for the image projected by the company and for ensuring that management is laying out their goals. An owner is also responsible for hiring a successful management team that can bring a variety of skills to the business and be responsible for running the business when the owner is unavailable. They train the management team to recognize the image they want for the business to project, train the team to be respectful and considerate managers and ensure that the team understands the business' priorities. A business owner must plan for unexpected costs. They keep track of cash inflow and outflow, liabilities and assets. A business owner should be able to predict when the business will break even. Depending on the size of an owners business, they may be responsible for payroll, collecting bill payments from customers, making deals with suppliers, advertising, understanding laws related to the business and managing employee scheduling. A business owner should be easygoing, able to communicate well with others, able to receive criticisms and negative feedback from their management team and able to lead by example.

An Owner must be competent individuals who possess a thorough knowledge of their field. Interested individuals should have a combination of formal education and practical training suited to the kind of business they want to operate. A person interested in running a store, for instance, needs experience in retailing, along with high school or college courses in bookkeeping, accounting, and business. More technical training or an apprenticeship may be required to work in some fields. To open a machine shop, for example, a person must complete a formal apprenticeship and have many years of experience as a machinist. Owners should also be familiar with tax laws and with state and federal laws regulating businesses.

Owners purchase adding machines, apparel accessories, appointment calendars, bank deposit bags, bookkeeping supplies, brief cases, budget software, business cards, cables, calculators, calendars, cell phones, checks, computer software, computers, copiers, desk organizers, dry erase boards, envelopes, fax machines, file cabinets, file folders, financial ledgers, financial software, hanging folders, ink and toner, keyboards, laptops, manila folders, markers, mice and mice pads, office décor, office furniture, office supplies, pad holders, paper, paper clips, paper shredders, PDA’s, pencils, pens, post it notes, printers, professional apparel attire, projectors, rubber bands, rulers, smart phones, staplers, staples, tape dispensers, tape, tax software, and wastebaskets.


To stay current in their field they attend trade shows, take continuing education courses and subscribe to online and offline business trade publications.


  • Bus/Industry Type   ($10.00/M)
    Agricultural Production - Crops 		
    Agricultural Production - Livestock And Animal Specialties 		
    Agricultural Services 		
    Fishing, Hunting And Trapping 		
    Metal Mining 		
    Coal Mining 		
    Oil And Gas Extraction 		
    Mining And Quarrying Of Nonmetallic Minerals, Except Fuels 		
    Building Construction General Contractors And Operative Builders 		
    Heavy Cnstrctn, Except Building Construction - Contractors 		
    Construction - Special Trade Contractors 		
    Food And Kindred Products 		
    Tobacco Products 		
    Textile Mill Products 		
    Apparel, Finished Prdcts From Fabrics & Similar Materials 		
    Lumber And Wood Products, Except Furniture 		
    Furniture And Fixtures 		
    Paper And Allied Products 		
    Printing, Publishing And Allied Industries 		
    Chemicals And Allied Products 		
    Petroleum Refining And Related Industries 		
    Rubber And Miscellaneous Plastic Products 		
    Leather And Leather Products 		
    Stone, Clay, Glass, And Concrete Products 		
    Primary Metal Industries 		
    Fabricated Metal Prdcts, Except Machinery & Transport Eqpmnt 		
    Industrial And Commercial Machinery And Computer Equipment 		
    Electronic, Elctrcl Eqpmnt & Cmpnts, Excpt Computer Eqpmnt 		
    Transportation Equipment 		
    Mesr/Anlyz/Cntrl Instrmnts; Photo/Med/Opt Gds; Watchs/Clocks 		
    Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries 		
    Railroad Transportation 		
    Local, Suburban Transit & Interurbn Hgwy Passenger Transport 		
    Motor Freight Transportation 		
    United States Postal Service 		
    Water Transportation 		
    Transportation By Air 		
    Pipelines, Except Natural Gas 		
    Transportation Services 		
    Electric, Gas And Sanitary Services 		
    Wholesale Trade - Durable Goods 		
    Wholesale Trade - Nondurable Goods 		
    Building Matrials, Hrdwr, Garden Supply & Mobile Home Dealrs 		
    General Merchandise Stores 		
    Food Stores 		
    Automotive Dealers And Gasoline Service Stations 		
    Apparel And Accessory Stores 		
    Home Furniture, Furnishings And Equipment Stores 		
    Eating And Drinking Places 		
    Miscellaneous Retail 		
    Depository Institutions 		
    Nondepository Credit Institutions 		
    Security & Commodity Brokers, Dealers, Exchanges & Services 		
    Insurance Carriers 		
    Insurance Agents, Brokers And Service 		
    Real Estate 		
    Holding And Other Investment Offices 		
    Hotels, Rooming Houses, Camps, And Other Lodging Places 		
    Personal Services 		
    Business Services 		
    Automotive Repair, Services And Parking 		
    Miscellaneous Repair Services 		
    Motion Pictures 		
    Amusement And Recreation Services 		
    Health Services 		
    Legal Services 		
    Educational Services 		
    Social Services 		
    Museums, Art Galleries And Botanical And Zoological Gardens 		
    Membership Organizations 		
    Engineering, Accounting, Research, Management & Related Svcs 		
    Private Households 		
    Services, Not Elsewhere Classified 		
    Executive, Legislative & General Government, Except Finance 		
    Justice, Public Order And Safety 		
    Public Finance, Taxation And Monetary Policy 		
    Administration Of Human Resource Programs 		
    Administration Of Environmental Quality And Housing Programs 		
    Administration Of Economic Programs 		
    National Security And International Affairs 		
    Nonclassifiable Establishments	  




Bus/Industry Type $10.00/M
Geo/Geographical $10.00/M
Home Address $10.00/M
Job Function/Title $10.00/M
Level of Education $15.00/M
Max per Company/Sites $10.00/M
Number of Employees $10.00/M
Phone Number $50.00/M
Sales Volume $10.00/M
Type of Ownership $10.00/M


A/B SPLIT $100.00/F
CD ROM $75.00/F
EMAIL $75.00/F
Suppression $150.00/F
Transmission $150.00/M