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Emergency Medical Technician Trends

Emergency Medical Technician Trends targets medical first responders who care for and transport the sick and wounded to the hospital.


212,517 Total Universe / Universe Rate $110.00/M
Email Addresses $275.00/M


Emergency Medical Technician Trends targets medical first responders who care for and transport the sick and wounded to the hospital. 


These medical professionals have a high school diploma and have completed an Emergency Medical Technician Training program, and they are required to be licensed.  EMTs have a stressful work environment, but this group works well under pressure and has superb people skills.  Because of the 24/7 nature of their job, they work long, irregular shifts.  They are exposed to communicable diseases such as hepatitis B and AIDs, and there is always the threat of combative patients.  They work closely with fire fighters, police officers, 911 dispatchers, ER nurses and doctors and in all different types of weather. 


This target works in teams.  They are knowledgeable in CPR and first aid, and they treat victims of auto accidents, stroke / heart attack, slip and fall accidents, gunshot wounds, and stabbings.  They are qualified to open airways, control bleeding, treat for shock, assist in childbirth, administer oxygen and epinephrine, monitor vital signs.  An EMT must quickly assess the patient’s condition and determine if there are any pre-existing conditions such as asthma or diabetes that would complicate treatment.  EMTs must also be thorough with documentation. 


An emergency medical technician uses equipment such as backboards, defibrillators, stethoscopes, blood pressure devices, gloves, masks, needles, stretchers, and bandages.  Paramedics can be employed by city or county governments or private companies.  Some technicians work on the helicopter flight crew.  More than a quarter belong to a union or are covered by a union contract.  Uniforms and badges are required for proper identification.  They receive benefits such as health insurance, life insurance, paid vacations and holidays from their employer.  Average earning per year is $30,000. 


This target represents the middle-class.  Many in this group are married or live with a partner.  They are raising children or enjoying their grandchildren.  Blended families are common.  They typically hold a mortgage and drive mid-range cars.  Many have an auto loan or car payment and trade in their vehicle every five to six years.  They take 1 – 2 vacations per year.  They own cell phones, ipods, and laptops.  Social networking sites such as Facebook are used to keep in touch with family and friends.  These consumers carry balances on their credit cards.  They search for ways to balance work and home demands.  They enjoy movies, music, video games, sports, social causes.  This group is concerned about their physical fitness.  They strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating right, exercising, and taking vitamin supplements.  They may have a gym membership, run, or bike.  They may take martial arts, yoga, spin, Zumba or other exercise classes. 




This list is ideal for any medical related publication, catalog, continuing education, or seminar offers. 




Bus/Industry Type 10.00/M
Business Address 10.00/M
Geo/Geographical 10.00/M
Home Address 10.00/M
Level of Education 20.00/M
Number of Employees 10.00/M
Office Manager 15.00/M
Phone Number 30.00/M
Practice Location 15.00/M
Sales Volume 10.00/M
State of License 10.00/M


EMAIL 75.00/F
Suppression 150.00/F
Transmission 150.00/M