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Educators At Home From Education Solutions

Educators At Home From Education Solutions allows you to reach professionals in the education field at their home address - where they have more time to review and act on your promotions.


2,466,749 Total Universe / Universe Rate $95.00/M
2,466,749 Personnel $95.00/M


Educators at Home from Education Solutions allows you to reach professionals in the education field at their home address - where they have more time to review and act on your promotions.

Educators are professionals and are open to receiving information helpful to their careers at home, as well as at school, but educators have interests outside of the classroom too. Considered good credit risks, these well- educated professionals are stably employed with great benefits.  Reaching these top consumers where they make purchasing decisions - at home - is easy with this database.  Each home addresson this file is linked to a corresponding school and Email address.

Always looking for ways to improve the quality of the education system and their own classroom environment.  These teachers are frequent consumers of instructional materials, including textbooks, motivational reward programs, software, teaching products and classroom supplies.  They are regular Internet users and utilize the web for lesson plans and teaching aids, as well as to research and purchase educational tools.

Professionals in the education field tend to have longer vacation periods, enabling them to take vacations, travel and spend quality time with their families.  They also have time for leisure activities and look to purchase books, magazines, movies and music.  Summer vacations allow them the opportunity to garden and enjoy other home improvement and outdoor activities.

Average age    45

100% Home address

Each record is telephone verified annually.



  • Ethnic/Ethnicity   (20.00/M)
    Add'l Selects   (10.00/M)
    Number of Classrooms	
    Number of Students	
    Number of Schools	
    Number of Teachers	
    District Type	
    Grade Level	
    Lowest Level Taught	
    Highest Level Taught	
    21st Century School	
    Adult Ed, Before/After School Programs	
    Blue Ribbon School	
    Charter School	
    Ed Tech	
    English as Second Language	
    Gifted & Talented	
    Magnet School	
    Special Education	
    Year-Round Classes	
    School Type	
    Title 1 Percent	
    Title 1 School Wide	
    Selects   (15.00/M)
    Number of Computers	
    Student/Comp Ratio	
    Student/Teacher Ratio	
    Institution Type	
    School Start Date	
    School End Date	
    New Teacher to Institution	
    New Teacher to Profession	
    Teachers by Grade	1,401,120
    Administration	151,530
    Art & Music	52,434
    At-Risk	26,040
    Business Education	10,788
    Coaches, Physical	86,168
    Education & Health Computer Science	13,600
    Curriculum/Instruction	7,306
    English & Reading	153,514
    Family/Consumer Science	8,414
    Foreign/World	20,286
    Languages Guidance/Student	44,616
    Services Librarian/Media	31,456
    Specialist Mathematics	114,218
    School-to-Career	20,160
    Science	108,574
    Social Studies	112,642
    Special Needs	101,717




Gender/Sex $10.00/M
Age $10.00/M
Ethnic/Ethnicity $20.00/M
Income Select $10.00/M
Job Function/Title $10.00/M
Marital Status $10.00/M
Phone Number $20.00/M
Length of Residence $10.00/M
Number of Children $10.00/M
SCF $10.00/M
State $10.00/M
Zip $10.00/M
City $10.00/M
Title 1 Dollar
Total Dollar
Add'l Selects $10.00/M
Selects $15.00/M
Computer Type $25.00/M
Instructional Expenditures $25.00/M
Library Media Center $25.00/M
Tech Budget/Pupil $25.00/M
Rec'd District Wide $25.00/M
Per Student $25.00/M
Expenditures $25.00/M
Expenditures/Student $25.00/M


Run Charges $10.00/M
Email (flat fee) $100.00/F
Tracking NO CHARGE