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Education Direct Masterfile

Education Direct Masterfile buyers list allows you to market to educators, administrators, and personnel in K-12 schools. These elementary grade level teachers and administrators can be contacted by both direct mail and email at their school location. They have the purchasing power to buy supplies and equipment for their professional needs, the classroom, student education, and building and facilities.


1,986,324 Total Universe / Universe Rate $110.00/M
6 Month Buyers + $10.00/M
1 Month Buyers + $25.00/M
3 Month Buyers + $15.00/M
Email Addresses $275.00/M


Education Direct Masterfile buyers list allows you to market to educators, administrators, and personnel in K-12 schools. These elementary grade level teachers and administrators can be contacted by both direct mail and email at their school location. They have the purchasing power to buy supplies and equipment for their professional needs, the classroom, student education, and building and facilities.


These education instructors work with students to establish a foundation of knowledge in subjects such as science, mathematics, geography, history, social science, music, foreign language, health and wellness, and art amongst others. K – 12 school administrators, which includes principals, superintendents, department heads, and superintendents focus on overseeing the daily activities of their school as a whole and working within the school district budget, providing educational leadership related to the curriculum, supervise personnel, and ensuring positive community relations.  The Education Direct Masterfile also enables you to target additional primary and secondary personnel including guidance counselors, librarians, school nurses, support staff, foodservice directors, building and facilities managers and more.


Title Selections:

 1st Grade Lead Teacher

1st Grade Teacher

21st CCLC Coordinator

21st Century Coordinator

2nd Grade Lead Teacher

2nd Grade Teacher

3rd Grade Lead Teacher

3rd Grade Teacher

4th Grade Lead Teacher

4th Grade Teacher

5th Grade Lead Teacher

5th Grade Teacher

6th Grade Lead Teacher

6th Grade Teacher

7Th Grade Lead Teacher

7th Grade Teacher

8Th Grade Lead Teacher

8th Grade Teacher

Academic Intervention Teacher

Academic Support

Academic Support Teacher


Accounting Teacher

Activities Director

Adapted Physical Education Teacher

Admin. Support Asst.

Administrative Assistant To The Board

Administrative Assistant to the Supt.

Administrative Dean

Adult Education

Adult Education Curriculum

Adult Education Teacher

Adult Roles and Responsibilities Teacher

Advanced Composition Teacher

After School Programs

Agricultural Education Teacher

Algebra Teacher

Alternative Education

Alternative Education Teacher

American Literature Teacher

American Sign Language Teacher

Anatomy and Physiology Teacher

Anthropology Teacher

Arabic Teacher

Art Department

Art Department Chairperson

Art History Teacher, AP

Art Teacher

Assistant Chairperson

Assistant Director Of Health Services

Assistant Network Administrator

Assistant or Vice Principal, Combined

Assistant or Vice Principal, Elementary

Assistant or Vice Principal, High

Assistant or Vice Principal, Middle

Assistant Superintendent

Assistant Superintendent For Financial Services

Assistant Superintendent For Student And Personnel Services

Assistant Superintendent For Supporting Services

Assistant Superintendent For Teaching And Learning

Assistant Superintendent Of Operations

Assistant Superintendent Of Special Education

Assistant Technology Coordinator

Assistant to the Executive Director

Assistant To The Superintendent

Asst. Super. Administration

Asst. Super. Business and Finance

Asst. Super. Business Dept.

Asst. Super. Human Resources

Asst. Super. Instruction and Curriculum

Asst. Super. Pupil Personnel

Asst. Super. Special Services

Asst. Super. Staff Personnel

Asst. Supt.-Building and Grounds

Asst. Technology Coordinator

Astronomy and Space Science Teacher

At-Risk Academic Support

At-Risk Department Chairperson

At-Risk Students

Athletic Coach

Athletic Department

Athletic Director

Attendance Officer

Attendance and Discipline

Audio-Visual Specialist

Autism Teacher

Automotive Repair Teacher

AVID Program

AVID Teacher

Band Teacher

Basic Skills Development Teacher

Before and After School Coordinator

Behavior Specialist

Benefits Department

Bilingual Education

Bilingual Secondary Teacher

Biology Teacher

Biology Teacher

Biology Teacher, AP

Bookkeeping Dept

Budget and Finance

Building & Grounds

Building Trades/Construction Teacher

Buildings and Grounds

Business and Personal Law Teacher

Business and Technology Dept Chairperson

Business Consultant

Business Dept.

Business Director

Business Education Teacher

Business Management Teacher

Business Math Teacher

Business Partnership Specialist

Business Supervisor

Cafeteria Staff

Calculus Teacher

Calculus Teacher, AP

Career & Technical Education Curriculum

Career and Vocational Education Teacher

Career Teacher

Ceramics Teacher

Character Education Coordinator

Chemistry Teacher

Chemistry Teacher, AP

Chief Academic Officer

Chief Administrative Officer

Chief Business Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Facilities Officer

Chief Finance Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Child Development and Parenting Teacher

Child Welfare

Chinese Teacher

Chorus/Vocal Music Teacher

Citizenship or Civics Teacher

Civil Engineering and Architecture Teacher

Combined Class Teacher

Commercial Art and Graphic Design Teacher

Community Relations

Community Service

Comparative Government and Politics Teacher, AP

Composition/Creative Writing Teacher

Computer & IT Dept.

Computer Applications Teacher

Computer Programming Teacher

Computer Repair and Networking Teacher

Computer Science Teacher, AP

Computer/Instructional Technology Coordinator


Continuing Education Teacher

Coordinator of Federal Programs

Coordinator Of State Programs

Coordinator Of Support Personnel

Cosmetology Teacher


Culinary Arts Teacher

Current Events Teacher


Curriculum Coordinator

Curriculum, Elementary

Curriculum, K-12

Curriculum, Secondary

Custodial or Maintenance

Dance Teacher

Data Management Specialist

Data Processor

Data Specialist

Data Technology

Database Administrator

Dean of Students

Debate and Speech Teacher

Department Chairperson

Desktop Publishing Teacher

Developmental Delay Early Childhood Teacher

Developmental Reading Teacher

Diagnostic Prescriptive Teachers

Diagnostician and Testing

Diesel Mechanic

Digital Content & Distance Learning

Digital Electronics Teacher

Digital Prepress Specialist

Digital/Computer Graphics Design Teacher

Director of Administration

Director Of Administrative Services

Director of Assessment and Accountability

Director of Attendance

Director of Bilingual/ESL

Director of Business Partnerships & Grants

Director of Career and Technical Education

Director Of Child Nutrition

Director of Early Childhood Education

Director of Elementary Education

Director of Employee Relations

Director of Evaluation Services

Director of Facilities and Maintenance

Director of Federal Programs

Director of Finance and Accounting

Director of Food Services

Director of Guidance & Counseling

Director of Head Start

Director of Health Services

Director of Human Resources

Director of Information Technology

Director of Instruction/Curriculum

Director of Instructional Personnel

Director of Instructional Technology

Director of Library & Media Services

Director of Operations

Director Of Physical Education

Director of Planning or Construction

Director of Professional Development

Director of Publicity and Communications

Director of Pupil Personnel

Director of Purchasing

Director of Safety & Security

Director of Secondary Education

Director of Special Ed.

Director of Special Programs

Director of Student Services & Records

Director of Technical Support Services

Director of Title I Programs

Director of Transportation

Director of Vocational Education

Director Of Instructional Technology

District Administrator

District Coordinator's

District Department Assistants

District Executive Director

District Maintenance Facilitator

District Supervisor

Drafting & Computer Aided Design Teacher

Driver Education

Early Childhood Coordinator

Early Childhood Education Curriculum

Earth Science Teacher

Economics Teacher

Education Specialist

Elementary Teacher

ELL/ESL Education

ELL/ESL Elementary Teacher

ELL/ESL Secondary Teacher

Emotionally Challenged Teacher

Engineering Design and Development Teacher

Engineering Teacher

English as a New Language

English Language and Composition, AP Teacher

English Literature and Composition Teacher

English To Speakers Of Other Languages

English/Lang Arts Dept Chairperson

English/Language Arts Teacher

Environmental Science Teacher

Environmental Science Teacher, AP

Environmental Studies Teacher

Ethnic/World Studies Teacher

European History Teacher, AP

Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant To The Board

Executive Assistants

Executive Director

Executive Directors

Executive Support

Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher

Fine Arts Curriculum

Fine Arts Teacher

Fire Science Teacher

Food Science Teacher

Food Service

Food Service Manager

Food Service/Cafeteria Manager

Food Services

Food Services Manager

Food Services/Cafeteria Manager

Foreign Language Dept Chairperson

Foreign Language Teacher

Foreign Language Teacher, AP

Foreign Languages Curriculum

French Teacher

Geology Teacher

Geometry Teacher

German Teacher

Gifted & Talented Curriculum

Gifted and Talented

Gifted and Talented Dept Chairperson

Gifted and Talented Teacher

Global Economics Teacher


Grants Specialist

Greek Teacher

Guidance & Counseling, Elementary

Guidance & Counseling, K-12

Guidance & Counseling, Secondary

Guidance Counselor

Head of School

Head Start Coordinator

Health Aide

Health and Wellness Teacher

Health Careers Teacher

Health Services Coordinator

Health Teacher

Health/Physical Education

Hearing Impaired Teacher

Hebrew Teacher

High Schools That Work Coordinator

History Teacher

HIV/Aides Coordinator

Home School Coordinator

Homebound Education

Homebound instruction

Homeless and Migrant Education

Human Geography Teacher, AP

Human Resource Analyst

Human Resource Director

Human Resources Specialist

Human Resources Teacher

Humanities Teacher

Industrial Arts Teacher

Information Technology

Innovative Programs Curriculum

Instruction Dept.


Instructional Facilitator

Instructional Technology

Instrumental Music Teacher

Integrated Mathematics Teacher

International Baccalaureate Coordinator

International Business Teacher

Italian Teacher

Japanese Teacher

Journalism Teacher

Jr. Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)

K-12 Teacher

Keyboarding and Word Processing Teacher

Kindergarten Teacher

Landscape Management Teacher

Language Arts/English, Elementary

Language Arts/English, K-12

Language Arts/English, Secondary

Latin American Studies Teacher

Latin Teacher

Law Education Teacher

Law Enforcement Teacher

Lead Teacher

Learning Disability Teacher

Librarian/Media Center Specialist

Library and Media Services

Life Science Teacher

Life Skills Teacher

Literacy Coach

Literacy Curriculum

Literature Teacher

Macroeconomics Teacher, AP


Marketing Teacher

Math Department Chairperson

Mathematics Dept.

Mathematics Teacher

Mathematics, Elementary

Mathematics, K-12

Mathematics, Secondary

Media Communications Teacher

Microeconomics Teacher, AP

Middle School/Jr High Teacher

Middle/Jr High Teacher

Moderate Mental Disability Teacher

Modern World Civilization Teacher


Music Department Chairperson

Music History & Appreciation Teacher

Music Teacher

Music Theory Teacher, AP

Network Department


Nurse and Health Services


Nutrition and Wellness Teacher

Occupational and Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapist

Operation/Maintenance Dept.

Orchestra Teacher

Organizational Development

Orthopedic Impairment Teacher

Other Certified Employee-Pupil Personnel

Other Certified Employee-Special Services

Other District Staff

Other Health Impairment

Other-Instruction and/or Curriculum

Para Professional

Parent/Community Resource Coordinator

Payroll & Personal

Payroll/Human Resources

Peer Tutoring

Personal Finance Teacher

Personnel Assistant

Photography Teacher

Physical Ed Department Chairperson

Physical Education

Physical Education Teacher

Physical Science Teacher

Physical Therapist

Physics Teacher

Physics Teacher, AP

Political Science Teacher

Pre-Algebra Teacher

Pre-Calculus Teacher

Pre-K Teacher

Principal, Combined

Principal, Elementary

Principal, High

Principal, Middle

Probability and Statistics Teacher


Psychology Teacher

Psychology Teacher, AP

PTA/PTO President

Pupil Support Services

Purchasing Agent

Purchasing Authority

Reading and Literature Teacher

Reading First

Reading First Teacher

Reading Recovery

Reading Teacher

Reading, Elementary

Reading, K-12

Reading, Secondary

Religion Teacher

Response to Intervention

Risk Management

Russian Teacher

Safe & Drug Free Schools Facilitator

Safety and Security

School Administrator

School Age Parent Program

School Board Member

School Board President

School Board Vice President

School Improvement

School Improvement Specialist

School Psychologist

School Safety Coordinator

School Secretary

School Social Worker

Science Department Chairperson

Science Teacher

Science, Elementary

Science, K-12

Science, Secondary

Sculpture Teacher

Secondary Education

Secondary English

Secondary Math Teacher

Secondary Secretary

Secondary Social Studies

Secondary Special Ed.

Secondary Teacher

Secretary/Administrative Assistant

Senior High Teacher

Severe Mental Disability Teacher

Site Coordinators

SLP Bilingual - SPED

Social Studies Dept Chairperson

Social Studies Teacher

Social Studies, Elementary

Social Studies, K-12

Social Studies, Secondary

Social Worker

Sociology Teacher

Spanish Teacher

Spec. Ed. Reading Specialist Reading Intervention Training & Facilitator

Spec. Education Math Specialist

Special Ed. Teacher

Special Ed Coordinator

Special Ed. Aide

Special Ed. Coordinator

Special Ed. Curriculum

Special Ed. Resource Teacher

Special Ed. Teacher

Special Education

Special Education

Special Education Dept Chairperson

Special Education/Services Dept

Special Programs & Services

Speech and Communication Teacher

Speech and Hearing

Speech and Language Therapist

Speech Pathologist


Speech/Language Team Leader

Staff Development

State and Local Government Teacher

State/Local History Teacher

Statistics Teacher, AP

Student Activities

Student Assessment

Student Club Advisor

Student Records

Student Services

Student Support Specialist

Studio Art Teacher, AP

Study Skills Teacher

Substitute Teacher


Support Staff

Teacher Mentor/Coach

Teacher's Aide

Tech Education

Technical/Business Communication Teacher


Technology and IT

Technology Education Dept Chairperson

Technology Education Teacher

Textbook Coordinator

Theatre Arts/Drama Teacher

Title 1 Coordinator

Title 1 Specialist

Title I

Title I And Early Childhood Programs

Title I Curriculum Coordinator

Title I Math Teacher

Title I Reading Teacher

Title I Teacher

Title ICurriculum Coordinator

Title IReading Teacher

Title ITeacher


Trigonometry Teacher

United States Government and Politics Teacher, AP

United States Government Teacher

United States History Teacher

United States History Teacher, AP

Upward Bound

Visiting Teacher

Visual Communication Teacher

Visual Impairment Teacher

Vocal Music/Chorus Teacher

Vocational Ed Dept Chairperson

Web Design Teacher

World Geography Teacher

World History or Civilization Teacher

World History Teacher, AP

World Literature Teacher

Yearbook/Student Publications Teacher

Zoology Teacher


These teachers, educators, and administrators take continuing education classes to ensure they meet ongoing teacher certification requirements for the primary grades. They hold Bachelor’s Degrees, Master Degrees, and PHDs. They find employment in public schools, private schools, charter schools, elementary schools, boarding schools, and parochial schools.


The Education Direct Masterfile is the ideal list for apparel retailers, educational trade publications, electronics suppliers, software providers, computer manufacturers, school and office supply providers, book publishers, continuing education providers, storage organizers, early education suppliers, and reward recognition providers.




1 Month Buyers 25.00/M
3 Month Buyers 15.00/M
6 Month Buyers 10.00/M
Gender/Sex 10.00/M
Geo/Geographical 10.00/M
Job Title 10.00/M
Mail Order Buyers 10.00/M
Phone Number 50.00/M
Suppression 150.00/F
Title 10.00/M
Transmission 150.00/M


A/B SPLIT 100.00/F
CD ROM 75.00/F
EMAIL 75.00/F
Suppression 150.00/F
Transmission 150.00/M