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CPAs and Public Accountants from Statsolutions

In today's competitive economy, accountants have evolved from their traditional role of tax preparation and audits to one which requires them to have full knowledge of financial investments. To seize this opportunity, accounting firms offer their clients financial planning, estate planning, compensation and benefits plans, and insurance services. You can reach these licensed accountants either at home or business address. This list offers you the flexibility to target certified public accountants and public accountants at small independent firms up to the largest firms in the world.


459,321 Total Universe / Universe Rate $95.00/M
459,321 Certified Public Accountants $95.00/M
Telemarketing + $35.00/M


The CPAs and Public Accountants from Statsolutions Mailing List enables marketers to target financial business professionals within small, mid-size and large organizations. In today's competitive economy, accountants have evolved from their traditional role of tax preparation and auditor to one which requires full knowledge of sound financial investing. They purchase quality products and services ranging from ledgers to investment software to ensure business success.


In today’s competitive financial arena, CPAs and public accountants offer the public and business clients alike a variety of services outside of tax preparation and bookkeeping including financial planning, estate planning, compensation and benefits planning, and financial statement preparation. They audit the books, balance the budget, prepare tax forms, advise on investments, prepare financial reports, counsel on retirement planning, and set up trust funds. They play a large role and consult during mergers and acquisitions and keep organizations fiscally sound for business expansion and growth. They seek continuing education opportunities to stay abreast of financial trends and opportunities.


Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and accountants are in all industries and fields including education, finance, retail, legal,  hospitality, manufacturing, government, transportation, food and beverage and real estate. They work hand-in-hand with other financial professionals such as Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable Clerks, Auditors, Credit Analysts, Finance Directors, Financial Analysts, Chief Financial Officers, and Risk Managers.


Public accounting professionals in this list require quality products for financial success. They purchase financial and investment software, computers, business attire, ledgers, mobile devices, office supplies, calculators, desk organization supplies, industry magazines, business forms, office furnishings, and storage supplies.


Professionals in this list are eager to receive marketing offers from computer manufacturers, industry publications, software providers, electronics providers, financial and investment providers, legal counsel, insurance and benefits providers, credit card issuers, and continuing education providers.




Phone Number $35.00/M
Company Size $10.00/M
SCF $10.00/M
State $10.00/M
Zip $10.00/M
Title $10.00/M
Industry $15.00/M
Address Type $10.00/M


Key Coding $5.00/M
Business Address $10.00/M
Home Address $10.00/M
Telemarketing Select $35.00/M
Email (flat fee) $100.00/F
FTP $100.00/F