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Concrete Contractors Update Business Review Mailing List

Concrete Contractors Update Business Review mailing list allows you to reach executive decision makers and architects within the concrete industry. These industry professionals focus on topics in the design, repair, product development, and construction of concrete structures.


19,461 Total Universe / Universe Rate $160.00/M


Concrete Contractor's Update Business Review mailing list allows you to reach executive decision makers and architects within the concrete industry.   These industry professionals focus on topics in the design, repair, product development, and construction of concrete structures.


This mailing list provides access to the contact information to corporate executives, partners, general managers, purchasing agents, superintendents, project managers, estimators, engineers, architects, designers, spec writers, and facilities managers within the concrete industry.  Mail your marketing offers to key decision makers who depend on the weekly newsletter to bring current news and development on concrete application, new product development, industry training, industry events, on-the-job safety, and sustainable projects.


Concrete Contractor's Update Business Review subscribers rely on the information-packed Review to make informed business, marketing, and purchasing decisions within their industry.  These professionals read the electronic publication for articles, tips, and information on topics that include building systems, concrete surface finishes, job site preparation, concrete equipment and supplies, industry financing, budgeting, concrete maintainance, and on-the-job safety.


Concrete professionals are engaged in a variety of primary businesses including highway construction, demolition, commercial building, institutional building, construction, product testing, R&D, residential construction, manufacturing, and sales.  The Concrete Contractor's Update Business Review mailing list puts you in contact with professionals at their company address and phone number.  This highly selectable list allows you to maket your desired audience by choosing selections such as job title, location, primary business, project, and more.


Business And Industry Selections
General Contractor, Commercial  
Building Products Dealer, Distributor  
Product Manufacturer  
Highway, Heavy Construction  
Concrete Contracting  
Ready Mix Concrete Producers 1
Job Title
Owner, Partner, CEO, Director  
Constuction Manager Or Supervisor  
Architect, Designer, Engineer  
Sales And Marketing Managers  
Carpenter, Draftsman Or Salesman  
Other Manage Personnel  
Sales Volume
Under $500,000  
$500,000 To $999,999   
$1 Million To $4.9 Million   
$5 Million To 10 Million  
More Than $10 Million   

The professionals in this mailing list make daily purchasing decisions and have the authority to buy items such as concrete, heavy equipment, stamping equipment, stains and finishes, concrete forming and shoring, paving equipment, chemicals, curing compounds, joint sealers, color hardeners, countertop edge forms, engraving tools, cut-off saws, hand tools, diamond blades, drill bits, epoxies, satety gear, trowels, rebar, and mesh.


Professionals in the Concrete Constract's Update Business Review mailing list are responsive to marketing offers from concrete producers, adhesive providers, paint and stain suppliers, chemical manufacturers, computer manufacturers, heavy equipment providers, direct mail marketers, software providers, landscape design suppliers, hardware providers, credit card issuers, and continuing education providers.







Industry $20.00/M
Job Title $20.00/M
Sales Volume $20.00/M
Geography $15.00/M
Telemarketing $65.00/M
Run Charges $10.00/M
Construction Type $20.00/M


FTP $100.00/F
Email $100.00/F