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Tap into the lucrative market of builders, contractors, and remodelers. These successful professionals have a wide range of needs for all types of products and services.


482,306 Total Universe / Universe Rate $95.00/M
482,306 Professionals $95.00/M
Telemarketing + $35.00/M


The Builders, Contractors and Remodelers from Statsolutions Mailing List enables marketers to target individuals and businesses engaged in the residential and commercial building industry. They are skilled tradesmen, owners and executives of companies that design, construct or remodel new and existing buildings and infrastructures. They rely on quality products and services ranging from heavy equipment to CAD software to ensure business success. 


The builders, contractors and remodelers in this list are part of the prolific construction industry and are instrumental in developing blueprints, designing efficient and aesthetic buildings and communities, and upgrading or expanding existing structures. They build single family homes, remodel office spaces, design malls, upgrade kitchens and baths, expand interior and exterior living spaces, and more. They are knowledgeable in zoning requirements, building codes, government regulations, market trends, eco-friendly initiatives and design. They have acquired skills in electrical wiring, plumbing, dry walling, roofing, flooring, cabinetry, foundation laying, framing, and landscaping. They are creative, hard-working individuals that provide commercial business owners and homeowners with innovative building solutions.


Reach building professionals in diversified construction fields including:


Single Residential Home Construction
Patio and Deck Building

Garage Construction
Home Remodeling and Repair 
Commercial Construction
Retail Construction

Maintenance Construction


The building professionals in this mailing list are receptive to marketing offers that allow them to perform their job duties efficiently and productively. They need items such as CAD software, computers, mobile devices, ladders, hardware, bulldozers, trucks, equipment trailers, windows, paint, roofing materials, plumbing fixtures, electrical components, appliances, HVAC equipment, hand tools, power tools, insulation, and lumber.


Professionals in this list are eager to receive marketing offers from computer manufacturers, heavy equipment providers, work wear providers, marketing firms, software providers, electronics providers, interior design firms, appliance manufacturers, financial and investment providers, credit card issuers, and continuing education providers.


    Industry   (15.00/M)
    Residential- General Contractors - Single Family Homes 		
    Patio & Deck Builders 		
    Garage Builders 		
    General Contractors 		
    Home Builders 		
    Remodeling & Repair Commercial- General Contractors 		
    Retail Construction 		
    Maintenance Contractors  




Phone Number $35.00/M
Job Function/Title $15.00/M
Number of Employees $15.00/M
Annual Sales Volume $15.00/M
SCF $10.00/M
State $10.00/M
Zip $10.00/M
Industry $15.00/M
Small Businesses $15.00/M


Key Coding $3.00/M
Run Charges $10.00/M
Telemarketing Select $35.00/M
Email (flat fee) $100.00/F