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Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS) Dedicated Email Program

The Association of Air Medical Services (AAMS) Email List allows marketers to reach emergency medical and critical care professionals from hospital and independent air and ground medical transport services. They have titles like CEO,program director, medical director, physician, nurse, respiratory therapist, paramedic, pilot, communication specialist and mechanic. Members within the organization reap the benefits of peer to peer networking, industry updates, advocacy support, educational conferences/resources, and much more.


7,037 Total Universe / Universe Rate


The Army Engineer Association Dedicated Email Program allows marketers to reach the United States Army Corps of Engineer’s family of soldiers, civilians and alumni. The association’s mission is to deliver vital public and military engineering services and partner in peace and war to strengthen the Nation’s security, stimulate the economy and reduce risks from disasters. Members of this association reap the benefits of peer networking, industry updates, educational conferences, and much more. This audience is need of products and services ranging from household goods to military memorabilia.  Members of the Army Engineer Association have current and/or past ties to building and maintaining U.S. infrastructures along with facilities where active service members train, work and live. They are part of an elite U.S. army team that designs, engineers and builds civil, military, emergency and environmental projects to better the lives of citizens. They dredge waterways to support transportation of goods, construct storm damage reduction infrastructure, clean sites contaminated with toxic or radioactive waste and provide recreational opportunities at lakes and marinas. They are patriotic individuals and give generously to charitable organizations supporting military causes, veteran’s affairs and active duty soldiers and their families.


Association Member Benefits:

  • Develop a bond between active and veteran military personnel
  • Stay updated with informative newsletters and magazines
  • Access to online educational resources for professional development
  • Access to academic scholarships
  • Participate in memorial programs, raise funds for the wounded and fallen
  • Receive soldier and civilian awards/recognition


Purchase products: automobiles, homes, apparel, home furnishings, housewares, food and beverages, mobile devices, computers, and electronics. They also purchase patriotic and military memorabilia such as military apparel, flags, parachutes, combat boots, weaponry, historical military artifacts, commemorative plaques, DVDs, posters, military history books, artwork, and patriotic jewelry.


Who would purchase this list: Publications, retailers, non-profits, military organizations, military surplus stores, VA healthcare providers, DVD and video providers, financial institutions, support groups, continuing education providers, credit card issuers and more.